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Turn suffering into wisdom

Sometimes we have to break free from the expectations of the world. We have to break free in order to come out of the darkness, and become who we came here to be. We have to rise up and set ourselves free on a path that we want to walk, not a path that others have chosen for us.

We can’t create abundance when a part of us is stuck in the past, when we feel lack, worry and anxiety. We can’t create true love when we do not love and appreciate ourselves enough to set up healthy boundaries. When we keep prioritizing other people and their needs and wants or we suffer from addictions like people pleasing. We can’t create success if we don’t believe that we are enough, if we don’t believe that we are worthy and valuable for who we are.

Sometimes things need to be demolished in order to be built stronger and better than ever before. On the other hand, too much hardship can break us down. Life feels meaningless and hard when our power is taken away. How can we appreciate life when everything is painful and difficult, when the body is in pain, when we can’t find the strength to mend our broken heart, when no one sees and understands our suffering, when there is no love in our life?

Pain is hard but it moves us forward. We grow wiser of sorrow; we grow wiser of pain. We don’t evolve if we don’t change. There will always be times when you want to give up, times when you think there is no point and there is no meaning, there is no power within you, it’s just the same nonsense every day. You might sit there and ask yourself over and over again. “But why this had to happen? It doesn’t make any sense.” You might look around and think that you are the only one who’s so broken. It’s not true. The whole world is broken. Every single person breaks. They might just break in different ways. But every single person that you meet is broken. It’s how they put themselves together that matters.

Look at the pain, the sorrow that you have been through. The heartbreaks, the disappointments and devastations. Don’t run from them, look at them, stay with them and you will be transformed. Look at your emotional scars and say, this doesn’t have power over me as it once did. When you see the pain, you are transformed. It’s the death of the old self. This is a powerful shift. You change your mind and your perspective, and you change your entire life.

The strength you gain leads you to mourn what has been overwhelming in your life. You are mourning trickiness and deceit from people that have kept you back and kept you small. And as you mourn, doors open, the sun shines on you and make you conquer the doubts and the fears, as you leave behind people who make you question yourself. Maybe you choose to put the burdens down and say “Today is the day I choose to live in the sun and not in the sorrow. I choose to move forward in love and not in the doubt and fear.” Let go of the fear and embrace the peace, the sense of wonder within you. Move forward in courage and wisdom, break the chains and come into your own power. Don’t lose faith in yourself.

You can overcome sadness and sorrow. But you might have to go through the darkness of your mind in order to find the sunshine of your heart. Your heart will give you strength or inspire you to follow your joy and expand your mind.

One day you will realize that you could transform your suffering into wisdom and strength. You will find the courage to love yourself despite all wounds, to see that you are unique and your light shines so brightly. By embracing your heart, you will shine like a sun and give other people courage to be who they are, you will inspire them to follow their heart.

Don’t forget that stardust runs through your veins and you are a part of the universe.

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