Create professional videos

Do you need help to create your own professional YouTube-channel or design other short films, videos, tutorials, book covers or websites?

I have worked as an Artist, Writer, Publisher and Editor during 2012-2020 and I have a lot of experience when it comes to creating appealing visuals consisting of texts and pictures, short tutorials, book trailers, inspirational videos, poetry-videos and WordPress websites. The combination of words, graphics, pictures, videos and music are very important when you need to convey an inspirational message and make an impression on your potential customers.

Intuitive Life Coaching

Working with an intuitive coach can bring meaning back into your life and help you get back your excitement for life. It can help you regain your balance and put you back on your path to an abundant and passionate life.

As an Intuitive Life Coach, I use my intuition and guide you through the process of introducing new habits, thoughts, and beliefs that support the life you want to live. By healing old issues and altering your consciousness, you can open yourself up to more love and the abundance in all areas of life.

I work as an Intuitive Life Coach in all areas of life: love, finance, education, health and wellness, confidence and self-esteem, focus and motivation, self-love, creativity and spirituality. During our sessions you will learn to identify self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviors and get in the habit of releasing them before they can do too much damage. You may even discover what your purpose in life is and begin to work on your dream career, find the love of your life, heal broken relationships and learn how to become more confident and happy.

Coaching and Mentoring for writers

Do you need help to create the discipline, the routine, and the passion that enables you to become more confident and professional in your writing?

I have been working with writers at all levels, from beginners to published professionals, from feedback on the writing work to professional development.  I tailor my approach depending on your needs. My aim is to ensure that you make substantial and rewarding progress and you reach your writing goals with pleasure and ease.

I am available to work with you in all genres including fiction, poetry, scriptwriting and non-fiction. I can assist you with:

  • Feedback on your work-in-progress
  • Inspiration and motivation
  • Creative blocks and the creative process
  • Marketing skills including website and social media.