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Enjoy the present moment

The present moment is all that ever really exists. The now moment is so transformational yet it is so often allowed to slip away while we focus on future events and past regrets.

If we feel worried, we are focused on the future. If we are sad or remorseful, we are focused on the past. If we are at peace, we are fully present in the now moment. Many of us allow much of our life to pass by without truly feeling the power that the present moment holds. It is where all of our creative power lies.

What we feel right now is attracting more experiences similar to the vibration that we are choosing to maintain. Many allow the concerns of the future to rob them of the peace of mind they can hold in the now moment.

The desires and the dreams that we have for the future will bring us no more peace of mind and happiness than we are able to feel in this now moment. Yet many of us look to the future and say “I will be happy when” or “I will be happy if”. However, the happiness and peace of mind that we seek, will continue to elude us, if we do not learn to stay present in the moment and enjoy the moment that we are in. To constantly live in the future is a learned habit that many of us have formed. However, each of us has the ability to retrain our mind to be present in the now moment much more often. We need to learn to focus once back to this present now moment when we feel the rush of fear, worry and stress begin to flood our mind.

The feeling of gratitude and appreciation is far more powerful in manifesting our dreams than any other emotion. Many are trying to manifest their dreams and desires by feeling the gratitude they “will” feel when they have them. This is not actually how the manifestation process works. We manifest our dreams and desires by being grateful right now for all that we do have. Only then will we attract more to be grateful for.

Many of us have learned of the tremendous power our thoughts hold. As a result, we try to force ourselves to think positively as often as possible. Surely, a positive mind will attract positive experiences. However, it is not that we have to continually think of positive thoughts, but rather be joyful, grateful and at peace in this now moment that will bring to us more moments that will allow us to continue to feel joyful, grateful and at peace.

The more we enjoy the now moment, the faster our dreams and desires will flow into our present moment. The more we enjoy the path that we are on, the faster our dreams and desires will be able to manifest in our reality.

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