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Be yourself, everyone else is taken

Each and every one of us has a specific skill set that is uniquely designed to help us achieve our goals. Many of us look to others and desire to have the same skill sets or the same abilities as another, not realizing that their own skill set is as equally important. Another person’s skills will not help you to accomplish what you came here to do. So just be yourself, everyone else is taken.

You came here for a very specific purpose, to shine your light as brightly as you could. No one else can shine your light better than you can. No two paths are the same, and so therefore no two skill sets are the same. Each of us are so very important. By comparing yourself to others, you are doing yourself a great injustice. 

There are many who wonder, what am I supposed to be doing? How should I know what my skill set is for? The answer is: by following what brings you the most joy. That’s how you find what you are supposed to do. Some love to paint, others love to write, while others love to heal. None of these skills are better than another. All of these services are needed and they bring joy to many people.

Some of us feel pressured by outside influences (parents, society, friends) to be a certain person, or to do a certain profession, or to behave a certain way; it is assumed that anything outside of this expectation would be considered a waste of time. There are many who love to cook, or sing or garden but they have grown up in a world that has taught them to stifle their dreams to ensure stability in their lives. One thing is certain: if you try to follow another person’s dreams, you will never be able to achieve your own dreams.

There is a fear amongst us that if we follow what we truly love to do, we will have no way of making a living or providing for our family. You should definitely not walk away from your commitments in life but be aware that by doing something that you dislike, simply for the need to survive, will never allow you to really blossom. The best way to receive abundance is by doing what brings you the most joy.

Many people often say that they will “one day” do the things they love when they have more time; but a year from now you may wish that you started today. You will never truly experience the pure elation that your soul feels when following your dreams if you continue to suppress what you are passionate about. There is no greater feeling of bliss that can be experienced than by pursuing your unique gifts and abilities. They are directly connected to what will allow you to live your dreams.

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