Laura Popa

LAURA POPA is a Swedish Writer, Artist, Teacher, Human Rights Lawyer and Intuitive Coach. Her journey has been a long and profound one. She has personally discovered, through studies and her own experience, that all the answers we seek can be found within. She has come to realize that we are all powerful beyond measure and that there are many treasures, unique gifts and talents hidden in each and every one of us. Her mission is to inspire people to discover their unique gifts and talents and to help them live their lives from a place of authenticity and power. This website aims to inspire you, motivate you, to offer practical guidance for navigating daily life with clarity, empowerment, and optimism. 


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Working with an intuitive coach can bring meaning back into your life and help you get back your excitement for life. It can help you regain your balance and put you back on a path of passion and abundance.

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